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Kristin Vogel

Founder and Art Director


Kristin Vogel is the Founder and Art Director of Vogel Nest with an eye for innovation and clean design. She has experience working in all design disciplines, but her expertise lies in brand identity design, production design, graphic illustration and social media. As a visual and strategically focused designer, Kristin strives to come up with ideas that are completely unique and unexpected.

Kristin has a keen interest in user friendly designs but when she is not in "design mode" you can find her with her adorable cat Elsa, watching Disney movies (yes she named her cat after Elsa in Frozen) or traveling around the world with her travel podcast The Vogel Twins! 

Shannon Vogel

Founder and Art Director


Shannon specializes in visual design and her goal is to utilize her past experiences in the creative field to build on user experience, visual craft, and product strategy. She considers teamwork to be essential and thoroughly enjoys collaborating with colleagues and external consultants. Her curiosity and eagerness to learn makes her a forward thinking designer. Clients will agree, her passionate energy is contagious and you can expect any project directed by her to be nothing less than excellent.

When she's not working, you can catch her podcasting for "The Vogel Twins" a storytelling channel she shares with Kristin (hence the name)! But when she is not behind the mic you can find her hiking, traveling or enjoying photography.

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"Vogel Nest were always looking for ways to help our team and saw any challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow. They are proactive in finding opportunities to expand their skills and apply new learnings. Without a doubt they'd be excellent addition to any team who strives for both quality and efficiency."

Dave Yoon

VP Design

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